Guardicore - CloudStack, For Real

CloudStack, For Real

Last week our team, myself included, participated in the CloudStack Collaboration Conference ( CSCC) that took place in Dublin, Ireland. About 200 attendees enjoyed a well-organized event during a non-typical Irish weather (sunny, no rain).

As a bonus, the local team won the UEFA EURO soccer match against the strong German team.

The focus of the event was deployments, customers and use cases. Remi Bergsma’s keynote session covered Schuberg Philis CloudStack deployment. Later, Cyrano Rizzo, IT director for the University of Sao Paulo told us how the university’s compute systems with 10k cores, 400k gpu cores are running CloudStack. According to Cyrano, 6 of the top 10 universities in Brazil, deploy CloudStack.

Next we had Giles Sirett from ShapeBlue who provided examples of real public and private CloudStack deployments carried out by his company. In his opinion, the number of organizations installing CloudStack this year has tripled and about 1,000 organizations worldwide have deployed CloudStack this year alone.

It looks like there is a growing consensus that CloudStack can become a virtualization and cloud platform of choice for mid-sized organizations. According to Giles, customers have selected CloudStack simply because it works well and can be deployed fast.

The last keynote session was delivered by Sebastien Goasguen that reviewed the growth of the CloudStack eco system, now including many new companies.

Funs Kessen from Schuberg Philis and myself co-presented how Schuberg Philis, an innovative business technology company and an IT  leader,  have deployed GuardiCore as part of their efforts to create a “100% environment” for their customers.

The video recording should be available soon.

— Sharon

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