GuardiCore Announces General Availability of its Data Center Security Suite

New Breed of Security Solution Detects Active Breaches inside Data Centers and Clouds Where Legacy Approaches Fall Short

San Francisco, CA – GuardiCore, a leader in internal data center security, today announced availability of its security solution that leverages advanced threat deception technology and a proactive honeypot approach to protect enterprise data centers and clouds from advanced threats that are increasingly breaching legacy security defenses. The GuardiCore Data Center Security Suite is built from the ground up for today’s modern data centers and clouds, providing unparalleled visibility, active breach detection and real-time response for both virtual and physical environments, and scales to support the performance requirements for high traffic data center environments.

The cost and frequency of data breaches is increasing around the world as sophisticated attackers target valuable financial and customer records. At the same time, server virtualization has dramatically changed data center traffic patterns, with now an estimated 80% of all traffic moving “east-to-west” inside the data center. This has created the need for a new breed of security solution that provides IT teams with visibility and control of east-west traffic, and the ability to quickly detect, analyze and respond to advance threats triggered by an attacker’s lateral movement.

Threat deception is a new security category for organizations looking for more accurate and more effective breach detection. According to the Gartner July 16, 2015 report, “Emerging Technology Analysis: Deception Techniques and Technologies Create Security Technology Business Opportunities,” lean-forward organizations should leverage deception in-depth as a new strategy for comprehensive threat defense against the onslaught of advanced attackers.

“The move to virtualization and cloud technologies has been great for IT agility, but it has created a big security blind spot in the data center,” said Pavel Gurvich, GuardiCore CEO and co-founder. “Too often security teams discover attacks too late, after damage has already been done, sometimes accidentally or by hunch. At GuardiCore, we are giving IT complete visibility into activity inside the data center and the ability to win the war against targeted cyber attacks. Our rapid detection and response capabilities enable our customers to stop an attack before their assets are compromised and save them from expensive incident postmortem.”

The GuardiCore Data Center Security Suite stops sophisticated attacks by using a unique combination of threat deception, process-level network visibility, semantics-based analysis and automated response to engage, investigate and then thwart confirmed attacks with pin-point accuracy. With GuardiCore, IT teams fully understand the entire attack footprint, with complete and detailed insight into the breach, including the attack source and all infected machines. Once an attack is detected, GuardiCore automatically prevents that attack from spreading by enabling automatic containment and remediation of infected servers.

This innovative approach allows GuardiCore to detect a wide range of threats targeting the data center, from insider threats and advanced persistent threats (APTs) to worms and malware propagation. As a result, GuardiCore gives IT teams the ability to dramatically reduce the time it takes to detect a breach and respond to it.

“At Schuberg Philis, our customers represent some of world’s largest companies in financial, transportation and energy and they depend on us to ensure their mission-critical applications are available 24/7,” said Funs Kessen, Mission Critical Engineer at Schuberg Philis, an IT services company focused on critical IT infrastructure. “GuardiCore delivers a totally new approach to securing the modern software defined data center, which gives us a level of visibility that was not achievable with legacy or other solutions.”

“Securing virtual and cloud infrastructures with overlay techniques need a different approach which is fully understood by GuardiCore,” added Edwin Beekman, also a Mission Critical Engineer with Schuberg Philis. “With GuardiCore, we feel very confident about our ability to keep mission critical applications safe and available, even in the most demanding virtual environments.”

Highlights of the GuardiCore Data Center Security Suite:

  • Active Breach Detection – Real-time breach detection based on deep analysis of all data center traffic, including traffic between VMs on the same hypervisor.
  • Threat Deception – Attacker decoy and engagement in an interactive sandbox provides enhanced attack investigation with higher detection accuracy than legacy security solutions.
  • Semantic Analysis – Thorough analysis of the attack footprint reveals complete and detailed insight into the attack, enabling precise response and remediation.
  • Automated Response – Automated incident response based on a full understanding of the breach, including containment and remediation of infected files and servers.
  • Network Visibility – Complete monitoring and visualization of all network connections down to the process level provides unparalleled visibility into data center activity.
  • Flexible Deployment – GuardiCore is tightly integrated into VMware, OpenStack and CloudStack environments, and can also be installed in physical data centers, containers and public clouds including Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

Pricing and Availability:

The GuardiCore Data Center Security Suite is available now, starting at $25,000 per year.

More information can be found at

About GuardiCore:

GuardiCore is a leader in internal data center security and breach detection and is transforming security inside data centers and clouds. With GuardiCore, enterprises gain real time visibility, understanding and response to illicit activity within the data center in minutes, not months. Leveraging threat deception and application-level network visualization, GuardiCore’s distributed breach detection and automated attack mitigation solution is uniquely designed to address the security challenges across virtual, high traffic data center environments. For more information, visit

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