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Centra Celebration

East West traffic at a glance

East West traffic at a glance

The first week of July provides a great opportunity to celebrate.

At GuardiCore we like to celebrate, especially with new releases and product achievements. Several weeks ago we started deploying the latest version of our flagship product Centra, with first controlled upgrades taking place for our SaaS customers. The new Centra 2.0 release 16 is loaded with great and many enhancements, including important Reveal features. For those of you who were unable to review the upgrade or read the entire release notes, here’s a very short list:

We introduced major enhancements to Reveal to better handle large data center scale flow analysis and advanced queries (check this cool video here).

Reveal now includes numerous new filtering methods to allow you to quickly get to what matters most: Detect applications, find anomalies or make sure that only allowed connections are made between servers. Reveal data center process level flows can be filtered by applications, asset names, port numbers, ESX folders, inbound and outbound Internet connections, user-defined labels and more.

Other great enhancements are grouping for reduced amount of visual clutter and labeling.

We expanded our agent-less visibility solution to include new deployment methods for both ESX and NSX environments.  You can now gain process level visibility into extremely large data centers without the need to install any component. Once installed, within minutes Reveal will start to collect and preset process level application data and flows. A newly added dashboard with data center reports and network statistics provides a quick glance at the status of your entire environment and highlight major patterns. East West traffic analysis is mind blowing. The new dashboard can be filtered by number of connections/volume and by last 24 hours/last hour.  Simply install and watch the data center maps created.

Other mention-worthy new features include new capabilities for live detection of ransomware within the data center (read more about it here), Additional detectors and many customer driven requests to meet specific needs.

Give us a call and see for yourself what makes GuardiCore Centra unique and different.

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