Guardicore - What You Should Expect at RSA Conference 2018

What You Should Expect at RSA Conference 2018

Next week, GuardiCore will participate at the RSA Conference in San Francisco for the 3rd consecutive year.  It is an important event for the larger Cyber and Network Security community and can be seen as the litmus paper for analyzing market trends and more important, understanding current and future needs.

Different organizations have different sets of cyber security priorities which are all related to the availability of their systems, integrity and protection of sensitive and confidential information. Attack vectors change over time and thus protection methods should be updated. This means that there is an arms race between the security practitioners and the attackers that are getting more and more sophisticated, sometimes due to leaked governments-sponsored tools. This arms race situation is not new and has been going on for years. One might think that it will continue this way forever.  

Well, it does. BUT just like the introduction of the Atom bomb changed the dynamics of the arms race, the digital transformation movement has a similar effect on cyber security.

Adoption of cloud technologies at scale and extremely fast as part of this movement is affecting every part of our lives in general and also within the IT industry.  

The cloud is not new. But the massive adoption of cloud and newer cloud-creation technologies, specifically related to Platform as a Service and Function as a Service change this arms race. Organizations must adopt containers and hybrid cloud at scale. They already adopted as it gives them huge benefits and maintains their ability to compete. At the same time, it makes most of their existing security solutions not relevant or not adequate (if they are lucky). Further and more important, organizations that are adopting PasS and IaaS realize that they need to change how they manage risk and enforce controls.

From a technical perspective, the new environments create challenges with the ability to monitor and understand how critical application behave:  what and how runs there. Who uses them, how and when those applications are being used, what is the risk that they observe and what is the risk they are sharing with other applications running on the same platform (“P” as in PasS) and then how to reduce the risk and enforce controls that actually work without disrupting business in this era of digital transformation.  

Next week we will present our thoughts and more important, we will present how GuardiCore Centra Security Platform helps customers around the world to solve those challenges.

Are you attending RSA this year?  Come say “Hi” at booth #2038 in the South hall.

You can follow the event on social using #RSAC2018 and @guardicore of course.


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