Guardicore - Reflections from Gartner Security Summit 2018

Reflections from Gartner Security Summit 2018

Last week, the GuardiCore team participated at the 2018 Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit in National Harbor, MD. This year we were honored to be named as a Cool Vendor in the June 2018 Gartner, “Cool Vendors in Security for Midsize Enterprises” report. It is always great to get industry recognition and validation. According to Gartner, a Midsize Enterprise needs most, if not all, of the IT capabilities a large enterprise needs, just at a lesser scale. Our solution, GuardiCore Centra enables organizations to easily micro-segment their environments while continuously monitoring critical systems for breaches using deception and threat intelligence-based reputation feeds, and it does it on any kind of data center environment. Protecting the core’s most critical application FTW!

I attended several sessions including the “top 10 list of new projects for security teams to explore” which I consider to be a “must have” for security practitioners.  Like in the previous year, Neil MacDonald shared Gartner’s top 10 projects, advising the audience to “Focus on projects that reduce the most amount of risk and have the largest business impact”.  “Projects, not programs, with real supporting technologies” he said. In other words, his advice is to use practical solutions that can actually be deployed and implemented.


The 2018 list includes two projects that can be completely addressed by GuardiCore:

The first one is Microsegmentation and flow visibility, which is great for organizations that have both on-premise and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) that want visibility and control of traffic flows within data centers. The goal is to thwart the lateral spread of data center attacks. “If and when the bad guys get in, they can’t move unimpeded,” explained MacDonald. GuardiCore Centra will provide deep visibility into processes, applications and flows as the starting point for segmentation and allow organizations to use native micro segmentation.


The second is Deception-based Detection and response tailored for both on-premise and infrastructure as a service (IaaS). This is another project that can be delivered very quickly with GuardiCore Centra. This category  is ideal for organizations looking for in-depth ways to strengthen their threat detection mechanisms with high-fidelity events.


Last year, Gartner identified additional capabilities that became the standard for security:


Cloud workload protection platforms (CWPP) which provide a single management console and a single way to express security policy, regardless of where the workload runs.


Container security, which are integrated into GuardiCore Centra providing a complete CWPP solution for any type of workload: physical, virtual, hybrid, on premises and in the cloud.

GuardiCore is experiencing fast and rapid growth. Our customers are adopting our advanced solutions fast, while providing proof on how digital transformation actually works in real life. I’m looking forward for next year – we are aiming higher!

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