Guardicore supports AWS outposts

Guardicore is Excited to Support AWS Outposts

Like the real clouds that can be seen in the Earth’s atmosphere, the IT clouds are constantly changing in the DCsphere. Last year, AWS announced plans to expand the public cloud into on-premises data centers and introduced AWS outposts, which will allow customers to run AWS infrastructure on-premises or other co-location facilities, creating a new type of hybrid cloud. AWS customers expect to have a consistent experience managing infrastructure on the public cloud or Outposts.

Today, I am excited to share the news that we will support AWS outposts just like any other part of the hybrid cloud. Together with AWS and their hardware partners we are looking forward to expanding the Guardicore ecosystem to additional areas of the ever-expanding cloud.

Guardicore will support the two variants of AWS Outposts: both VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts by using the same VMware orchestration integration we already have as well as the AWS native variant of AWS Outposts running on premises.

I am looking forward to sharing specific use cases in the upcoming days.

Read more about our ever-evolving capabilities for AWS security and stay tuned for more details on this exciting news and other collaboration.

Want to know more about how Guardicore, a trusted AWS technology partner, helps you nail hybrid cloud security by partnering with AWS? Download our white paper on the shared security model.

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