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Are You on Top of the Latest Cloud Security Trends?

Hybrid and multi cloud ecosystems need converged, simplified security that works seamlessly and parallels an automated provisioning model. Understanding the shared responsibility model used by cloud providers, as well as how to achieve best in class visibility and control, and the effect of compliance and cloud-native environments can help you make a smart security choice for your unique business context.

Equifax Breach & Why Your Company is Next

When the Equifax breach was announced on September 7th, I was not surprised.  When I heard the magnitude of the damage: 143 million US consumers and 44 million British consumers – which equate to roughly 57% and 97% respectively of both country’s populations, age 18 years of age and older – I, again, was not […]

Top 5 Things to See and Do During Black Hat 2017

From the horrors of ransomware, panic over election hacking, stolen emails to very interesting things like WannaCry andPetya/NotPetya/Nyetya/Goldeneye, it’s been a red-letter year in the world of cybersecurity. At Black Hat 2016 we introduced the Infection Monkey, free, open source pen test tool to educate the world on lateral movement.  Lateral movement is how hackers […]