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Guardicore is AWS Outposts Service-ready, Supporting our Customers that are Moving Closer to The Edge with Hybrid Cloud Environments

AWS Outpost environments are hosted on-premises, but allow users to continue to benefit from everything they love about AWS Regions. For low latency and strict data requirements – it’s perfect. We’ve upped our game to protect AWS Outposts with the same visibility and control you expect across your whole hybrid environment.

Application Segmentation

Using application-centric micro-segmentation to perform application segmentation ensures that security visibility and policy controls keep pace with rapid changes to both the environment and the applications running in it.

What is Micro-Segmentation?

Micro-segmentation is an emerging security best practice that offers a number of advantages over more established approaches like network segmentation and application segmentation. The added granularity that micro-segmentation offers is essential at a time when many organizations are adopting cloud services and new deployment options like containers that make traditional perimeter security less relevant.

Micro-Segmentation Methods

The best way for organizations to get started with micro-segmentation is to identify the methods that best align with their security and policy objectives, start with focused policies, and gradually layer additional micro-segmentation techniques over time through step-by-step iteration.

Harness the Benefits of Micro-Segmentation

One of the major benefits of micro-segmentation is that it provides shared visibility into the assets and activities in an environment without slowing development and innovation. Implementing micro-segmentation greatly reduces the attack surface in environments with a diverse set of deployment models and a high rate of change.