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Thoughts on the Capital One Attack

While some information is not available, understanding how the Capital One data breach happened can support your enterprise in protecting its cloud instances, and developing a security posture that offers visibility and control in a hybrid environment. Using Guardicore’s expertise as an Advanced Technology Partner for AWS with security competency, we believe that Centra, our flagship solution, has the right built-in tools to augment and support native-cloud controls exactly where they might fail.

You don’t have to be mature in order to be more secure – cloud, maturity, and micro-segmentation

Whether you’ve transitioned to the cloud, are still using on-prem servers, or are operating on a hybrid system, you need security services that are up to the task of protecting all your assets. Naturally, you want the best protection for your business assets. In the cybersecurity world, it’s generally agreed that micro-segmentation is the foundation […]

Considering Cyber Insurance in the Aftermath of the NotPetya Attack

It’s been 18 months since June 2017 when the Petya/NotPetya cyber attacks fell on businesses around the globe, resulting in a dramatic loss of income and intense business disruption. Has cyber insurance limited the fallout for the victims of the ransomware attacks, and should proactive businesses follow suit and ensure they are financially covered in […]