Akamai and Guardicore: The Zero Trust Powerhouse

There are a lot of emotions as I am writing this post, but most presently I am excited and proud. Today is a big step for every Guardicorian: past, present, and future. We have entered an agreement to be acquired by Akamai Technologies.

We started this journey back in 2013 with a purpose to create a more secure world for everyone: our customers, our employees – even our friends and family. For every hard day there were 100 amazing ones and this is no different. Change is never easy, but the opportunity for impact here is greater than we could have imagined all those years ago.

What does this mean for Guardicore?

Unlike other security acquisitions, our executive team is staying onboard. One of the reasons we agreed to do this is because we weren’t going to end up being rolled into a massive stack of technology and become obsolete. It is a testament to this team that Akamai was interested not only in our world-class technology, but our world-class team as well. No Guardicorian will be left behind. This isn’t an exit strategy, this is a massive growth opportunity.

What does this mean for the security industry?

Combined with Akamai’s strong Zero Trust story surrounding access, ZTNA and SWG among a myriad of others, Centra’s granular microsegmentation capabilities will do what we sought to do when we created this company: transform the industry. A full end-to-end Zero Trust offering isn’t just a theory anymore, it’s reality.

What does this mean for our customers?

Our customers have always been and will continue to be the forethought of Guardicore. This will not change. We take their investment and support in us seriously and would not have gone through with this deal if we did not truly believe this was going to benefit them. Service and support will not be interrupted, and the innovations our R&D team work through on a daily basis will be even stronger.

Final thoughts

I mentioned being proud at the beginning of this post and I want to end with it as well. There is a serious amount of pride I take in every member of this team and the incredible company and technology we have built over the past 8 years. I want everyone involved to join me in that same sense of pride. We could not have done it without every single one of you. Thank you for your commitment to building something we can all look back on with such joy.

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