Guardicore - What’s New With Centra 2.5 Release 19

What’s New With Centra 2.5 Release 19

We are very proud to announce the immediate availability of Release 19 of the Guardicore Centra Security Platform. This version contains many enhancements and new capabilities. Existing and new Centra security administrators will like the dashboard enhancements, workflow improvements and additional features.  Our system integration partners and service providers will enjoy the new deployment tools which will enable them to deploy Centra in extremely large data centers within minutes.  

Released earlier this month and already deployed with new and existing customers,Release 19  includes the following new features and enhancements:

  • A single dashboard called Security Summary that features the four major incident types along with several widgets imported from the previous Network Statistics dashboard.
  • The ability to acknowledge having read an incident using a new Acknowledge button that when  clicked adds the Acknowledged tag and affects the number of the incidents displayed in the dashboard and predefined filtered views.
  • A new Microsoft SQL Server service provider for the deception environment.
  • The deployment of Centra in SaaS installation mode, where Guardicore provides the management services and infrastructure, has been significantly simplified. SaaS proxy is no longer in use, all Collectors and Aggregators communicate directly with the Deception and Management components. In addition, Collectors now support dynamic addresses.
  • A single Aggregator can now support 200 agents without the need to add compute resources.

See the following example for an acknowledged incident:

acknowledged incidet
The new Acknowledge button (highlighted in red) in the Centra incident view marks this incident as read and filters it from the Security Summary Dashboard and predefined view filter, simplifying the user’s workflow when handling security incidents.

Learn more from the release notes and user guide, available online at the Guardicore customer portal here.


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