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Are You on Top of the Latest Cloud Security Trends?

As enterprises embrace public and private cloud adoption, most find themselves working in a hybrid environment. Whether a hybrid architecture is a step towards becoming a fully cloud-enabled business, or an end-goal choice that allows you more freedom and flexibility over your business, you need the ability to protect your critical applications and assets across multiple environments while reducing your overall attack surface.

Understanding the Effect of Cloud Security Future Regulations

Achieving compliance can feel like an uphill struggle, with regular updates to existing regulations, as well as new regulations being written to handle the latest issues that enterprises face. While compliance doesn’t guarantee security, it’s tough to be secure without being compliant as a minimum foundation. The EU’s GDPR, for example, was created in response to the large amount of data breaches that businesses are facing, protecting PII (personally identifiable information) from attackers who would use it for identity theft, crime, and fraud. Another example is the new California Privacy laws that will go into effect in 2020. These are supposedly as strict as GDPR regulations and will affect all companies who have customers living in California, both businesses in America and internationally.

As fines and consequences for non-compliance get up and running, (GDPR fines for instance have totaled €56 million in its first year) it’s likely that businesses will start uncovering their own limitations. This will include their legacy architecture and security techniques, and prompt the companies to make changes to include public cloud services that have been built with GDPR or California Privacy compliance in mind, and extending their networks to include cloud as well as on-premises assets. It’s more important than ever that businesses put security first when making this kind of change, or they may be solving the problem of compliance at the expense of overall security and visibility.

Visibility is More Important than Ever as Businesses Adopt New Cloud Security Trends

All three main public cloud providers, AWS, Azure, and Google use the shared responsibility model. Simply put, the cloud providers manage infrastructure, and you as a customer are fully responsible for all customer data, access management, and network and firewall configuration. Each enterprise will have its own unique needs in terms of governance, SLA requirements and security overall, and in a multi-cloud environment, staying on top of this can be complex.

The bottom line is that customers often experience a lack of visibility and control when they consolidate their IT on the cloud, exactly where they need that insight and attention the most. If you have specific regulatory or industry needs, you will need more assurance that you have control over your workloads and communication flows.

Cloud-Native Environments are the Cloud Security Future

Improving your visibility across a hybrid IT ecosystem limits the chances of you falling victim to attacks on vulnerable or poorly authenticated infrastructure. Guardicore Centra offers automatic asset and dependency mapping down to the process level, allowing IT to quickly uncover and manage misconfigurations or dangerous open communications, providing early value to your business.

Once these are dealt with, a continuous view of all communication flows and assets moving forward puts your business in a strong position as attackers begin launching more sophisticated campaigns in the cloud. As cloud adoption continues to grow, future-focused businesses need to be on the lookout for cloud-native attacks that take advantage of container vulnerabilities and architectures, for example.

Shift-Left on Cloud Security

Enterprises are realizing that cloud providers are not responsible for their workload or application security, and that cloud solutions do not remove a business’ own responsibility when it comes to data security and compliance. One of the popular cloud security trends is that businesses are looking to adopt an early and continuous security solution to meet this challenge head-on. The latest microsegmentation technology is smart and modern, robust enough to take control of an increasingly complex environment, while accomplishing early value use cases when it comes to solving infrastructure problems. As a built-in security method, the strongest microsegmentation technology can handle a heterogeneous data center, covering legacy solutions, bare-metal, VMs, hybrid, containers, server-less and multi-cloud. One security vendor reduces complexity, which explains why many companies are opting for solutions that include strong complementary controls such as breach detection and incident response.

‘Application-Aware’ is a Cloud Security Future Must-Have

Moving to the cloud is all about businesses being able to be more flexible, scale faster and larger, providing and benefiting from new and exciting services. Your microsegmentation solution needs to be able to keep up. Application-centric security takes over from traditional manual implementation, providing deep visibility, smart policy creation and airtight governance, protecting against threats in a holistic way. Cloud security future success is dependent on security that is built both for the cloud and all its vulnerabilities, at the same time as effortlessly managing legacy systems and everything in between.

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