Guardicore - Here It Comes: Announcing Guardicore Centra Version 2.5

Here It Comes: Announcing Guardicore Centra Version 2.5

Today we are excited to publicly announce the immediate availability of Guardicore Centra version 2.5 release 18. A major release that provides many important capabilities, some of them are uniquely combined together, running in different customer sites in production for a long period of time.

As a leader in internal data center security and breach detection we continue to innovate and deliver on all major product vectors:

  1. Real-time breach detection and response
  2. Micro-segmentation
  3. Large scale management and deployments 

The most exciting customer deployments are related to the fast growing trend of cloud migration. Cloud migration takes place when organizations are upgrading on-premises data centers or installing a new one that now has a software-defined control layer or moving some applications to the public cloud. When cloud migration takes place, the security team will learn that legacy security tools are almost not relevant in such environments. We are witnessing a  tectonic shift in the way organizations are thinking about internal security: The perimeter is gone, the workforce is (also) mobile and now the data center behaves totally differently.

Jaikumar Vijayan wrote an interesting article about it. (Read “Legacy security tools challenge companies facing cloud migration”) 

“Traditional security tools designed for data centers don’t work well in cloud environments. New approaches are needed, according to security executives. “

This would be a great subject for a different blog.

Back to the product and Guardicore’s achievement: The list of improved capabilities is long and you are encouraged to review the release notes. I’ll use this post to promote 4 of the main key capabilities and enhancements that makes Centra version 2.5 release 18 unique and different:

  1. Simple and quick microsegmentation policy creation and policy enforcement via integration with 3rd party gateways: Guardicore’s product and dev teams found the cure to one of the most difficult tasks of policy management and creation in the dynamic cloud environment. It includes asset, application and flow discovery wrapped with policy suggestion and creation wizards that provide a highly  intuitive and well delivered UX solution.
  1. Enhanced breach detection capabilities through reputation analysis: this is an additional capability that is integrated through our SaaS delivery platform and adds an analysis layer to the highly interactive, dynamic deception.  Feedback from customers indicate that those capabilities work very well in any environment, including the corporate network.
  1. Introduction of new aggregation layer, providing deployment simplification on one hand, while increasing Centra’s ability to scale to support real time detection and enforcement of dozens of thousands compute nodes running on virtually any workload in a private, public or hybrid clouds.
  1. Ransomware detection and mitigation: We have added the ability to detect and response to ransomware using lures on physical and virtual endpoints and redirecting attackers to deception environment dynamically. Mitigation options include pausing the infected machine, creating a VM snapshot and disconnecting network cards.

The release notes lists dozens of tasks that have been added based on hundreds of change requests and tasks.

You are encouraged to test drive Centra. Our SaaS based deployment makes it easy and (almost) friction-free. SaaS customers will be scheduled for upgrades immediately.

— Sharon

Centra 2.5
We are so excited about Centra 2.5

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