Fortinet’s Connector for Guardicore: Providing Better Hybrid Cloud Security Together

Earlier in June, Fortinet released a new Universal Connector management extension application (MEA) which allows Fortinet administrators to configure Fabric Connectors for external applications such as Guardicore Centra. Using Fortinet’s Fabric Connector, the security team is able to retrieve labels and asset information from Guardicore Centra to FortiManager, and use it to create objects that can be used in policies installed on FortiGate firewalls.

What the integration does

This deep integration provides our joint customers with the confidence to extend their security infrastructure across hybrid environments, private, and public clouds with a unified security layer. This integration enables zero-trust security architecture across the entire environment, from on-premises to the cloud, reducing the attack surface, addressing east-west visibility limitations, mitigating lateral movement of threats and providing advanced L4-L7 security. It also enables policy-based firewall controls based on east-west traffic inspection using unified labeling and asset management solutions for internal applications.

Guardicore and Fortinet secures you faster

Addressing Guardicore’s customers needs, Fortinet developed this connector leveraging their open Security Fabric architecture and interfaces to make it possible to activate the integration with as little as a single click.

I’ve seen it in action: this integration can be installed and configured within a matter of minutes to provide turnkey connectivity between Guardicore Centra and FortiManager. It can be easily deployed without requiring hardware or software modifications to the existing infrastructure. Guardicore  and  Fortinet synchronize security with dynamic operational changes, automate security tasks while ensuring coverage of the entire attack surface from Internet of Things (IoT) devices to the cloud.

Advanced security for any environment

We are very excited about the opportunity of our customers working together with Fortinet, delivering advanced security for the entire hybrid cloud by providing consistent security definition across the entire network: north-south at the perimeter and east-west internally. Using this integration, our customers benefit from the fastest route to implementing Zero Trust and achieve Zero Trust Architecture instead of using VMware NSX or Cisco ACI or other expensive and hard to manage internal security tools.

The Fortinet Connector for Guardicore Centra is available in FortiManager 7.0.1 and above with Universal Connector management extension application (MEA) and with Guardicore Centra 5.0 version 36 and above.

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