Guardicore - Gartner: Threat Deception Promises to Deliver Game-Changing Impact

Gartner: Threat Deception Promises to Deliver Game-Changing Impact

Earlier this month, Gartner released a new research* focusing on threat deception technologies.

Gartner finds deception an attractive new capability for larger organizations desiring advanced threat detection and defense solutions. According to Gartner, new deception techniques and capabilities “promise to deliver game-changing impact on how threats are faced.”

For us at Guardicore, this is not surprising. During the past months we have been working closely with our customers and witnessed how the Guardicore solution is “changing the game” with automated, real-time threat detection and response inside datacenters and clouds.

The research is very detailed and it covers many aspects related to threat deception.  Gartner believes that security technology providers must consider use of deception techniques during the course of their threat responses to enhance the value of attack disruption they desire within their products.

In addition,  according to the research, lean-forward organizations should leverage deception in-depth as a new strategy for comprehensive threat defense against the onslaught of advanced attackers and attack techniques.

Gartner lists 14 vendors that offer deception solutions, and benchmarks them against the “deception stack”, consisting of tools and responses that operate at different layers the attacker may interact with – network, endpoint, application and data layers.

Gartner lists Guardicore as the only vendor covering the entire deception stack, noting that Guardicore’s “distributed decoy solutions offer enhanced detection and stronger fidelity than other traditional security solutions”.

Guardicore’s Active Honeypot is part of a broader solution, the Data Center Security Suite, which provides detection of APTs and bots in real time, attack analysis, and automated, real-time response for datacenters and clouds.

I’d like to invite you personally to attend a private demo session and witness first-hand why Guardicore is the emerging leader of this market.  Visit  and schedule a demo. You’ll be amazed.


*Emerging Technology Analysis: Deception Techniques and Technologies Create Security Technology Business Opportunities, by Lawrence Pingree, published: 16 July 2015.

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