Giving Ransomware the Boot with Centra

Ransomware. Yikes. 

WannaCry, NotPetya, Ryuk – they’ve unfortunately become part of our everyday lingo. Whether you’re proactively defending against it, fighting it currently, or reverse engineering it – ransomware has become a big part of the security community’s day to day.

As we saw last year with the attack on a hospital in Germany, ransomware has leveled up its criticality. As we move more and more into a digital-first mindset, especially during and after the global pandemic cyberattacks are going to become more devastating to our actual way of life. It’s no longer just locking down businesses’ critical assets online. It’s disrupting our lives IRL.

That sounds dark. Thankfully, Guardicore Centra offers a bit of a silver lining.

Changing the ransomware game

In this short walkthrough video, our AVP of Sales Engineering Garrett Weber shows you how to isolate ransomware in a few clicks. Yes, really. A few clicks is all it takes.

One of the biggest concerns with ransomware is how easy it is to spread, thus impacting multiple people and cutting off access to multiple business units. It’s effectively an insider threat once it gets in. Blocking east-west spread is half the battle in any incident, but especially one that can completely take out productivity for an entire business.

Obviously we don’t want to even get to that point. We want to have protected against it in the first place. In the video Garrett shows how to implement the proper policies within Centra to prevent it from ever going that far.

It can be hard to believe it until you see it, so check out the video! 👇


Want some more?

Looking to learn more about how Centra can help with ransomware mitigation? Check out our and comprehensive eBook on ransomware too. While you’re at it, we have a pretty sweet demo too. 

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