Guardicore Raises $20M; Continues Traction Protecting Enterprise Data Centers Globally

Today I am excited to share that we have secured a financing round (Series B) in the amount of $20M.  The round was led by our existing investors, 83 North and Battery Ventures, who continue to give us valuable contributions in terms of the support and guidance we need at this stage in our company’s lifecycle. We are also very happy to welcome Cisco to the table at this financing round.

This fund raising serves as a strong indication of the type of progress we are making as a team delivering on our vision of securing the world’s most demanding compute environments. Our Guardicore Centra Security Platform, a truly innovative solution based on cutting-edge security technology, is successfully helping our customers around the world to keep their data centers and clouds secure.

We will use the new funds to further increase our investment in R&D to ensure our innovations outpace the evolution of the threats data centers will face, today and tomorrow.

Protecting today’s data center requires strong integration capabilities with the growing number of technologies deployed within it.  As such, we will also invest in the further development of a technology ecosystem focused on achieving integration and interoperability with both data center infrastructure and existing security systems.  Guardicore has always been known for its ability to “work well with others”, and being an open platform, and we intend to build upon that reputation by creating an ecosystem built around the needs of our customers.

Additionally, we will invest in our commercial capabilities by expanding our sales and distribution channels to ensure we are able to provide enterprises globally with the technology and support needed to protect their critical infrastructure, information and assets.  This will include a deliberate focus on the development of marketing programs that will allow us to share our views on the changing nature of the data center and how we believe it should be protected.

This is clearly an exciting day for all of us at Guardicore as it represents further validation of our vision, and allows us to add new capabilities and to focus on what we do best.  First, I would like to thank our investors for their confidence and support. And of course, our customers who are our closest and most trusted advisors.

And finally I would also like to thank the entire team at Guardicore who I truly believe is the most talented in the industry.  Your talents, commitment and sacrifices are the engines that carry us forward at neck-breaking speed, and while we are far from done, I am confident that together we will go far and accomplish great things.

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