Guardicore - 5 Key Takeaways from VMworld Barcelona

5 Key Takeaways from VMworld Barcelona

So, VMworld Europe just concluded last week and certainly there was a lot to talk about, from hybrid clouds, VMware’s acquisition of Boxer, Dell’s acquisition of EMC and how this affects VMware (it doesn’t according to Dell CEO Michael Dell), VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger’s keynote where he highlighted the five imperatives of the digital business and also called out of some enterprises for lack of agility (“Elephants must learn to dance”) and of course, security, which seemed to be integrated into almost every topic at the event.

But despite the specific narratives, it was clear that VMworld Europe this year was very much about the future of the digital business and the major themes were around innovation, the maturity of the cloud, and securing apps and data in the face of an unprecedented number of data breaches.

Here are GuardiCore’s key takeaways from VMworld in Barcelona:

1.    New security methods need to be embraced to protect apps and data: Gelsinger said in his keynote that “security is fundamentally a mess.” And no doubt. Organizations are spending more on security today but data breaches are still highly prominent, as evidenced by the recent disclosure of major breaches at ETrade and Dow Jones, that latter that hit the news just before VMworld opened, and one where Law enforcement had to inform Dow Jones of the breach and disclosed that hackers had access to systems from August 2012. This underscores a huge gap in even the most sophisticated organizations being able to detect a breach quickly enough to respond before the damage is done. We believe that virtualization, micro-segmentation and advanced security detection and response technologies such as GuardiCore can provide the answer.

2.    Legacy security gets in the way of a high performing data center:  At VMworld we experienced a number of attendees who still have the perception that security is something that gets in the way of IT services availability and performance. We view this more as an issue with legacy security approaches, which were never designed to be deployed in the data center and do have fundamental issues scaling to inspect all traffic in the data center without significant impact on server and network performance.  New and advanced security technologies and methods, like what we have developed at GuardiCore, provides complete coverage of all data center east-west traffic, but in a way that can scale to even the largest data centers with minimal performance impact.

3.    One security solution is needed for heterogeneous data centers: It is clear that the modern data centers will be comprised of more then one architecture. More often then not we see enterprises that run some part of their data center on-premises within a virtualized environment, another part on a public cloud (for DR or burst out capabilities) and some parts on bare metal container deployments. Organizations cannot afford multiplying complexity by using different security mechanisms for different parts of their data center. Providing a platform agnostic security solution that can secure all of these environments and provide a visibility through a single control plain is extremely important.

4.    Network virtualization can help drive improved security, but more is needed: We heard from several attendees how NSX is important to driving a more secure data center. In either an on-premises or cloud environment, NSX and SDN gives administrators real-time control over the network interfaces. It also allows security to scale and be agile. From Day 1 GuardiCore has had tight integration with NSX. GuardiCore leverages NSX programmability to inspect east-west traffic within the VMware-deployed data center. This gives data center and cloud operators detection, analysis and real-time response to advanced threats inside data centers and clouds.

5.    Containers are here to stay: VMware was heavily pushing a container agenda, saying that containers will play an increasingly important role in securely delivering applications. At VMworld in San Francisco earlier in September, VMworld announced vSphere Integrated Containers (VIC) which allow containerized applications to run seamlessly alongside existing VMware infrastructure. VMware is saying that vSphere can can help address some of the basic security issues with containers. This narrative continued and feedback from attendees was positive. GuardiCore is uniquely capable of providing an in depth security solution for heterogeneous networks where some workloads run in a container while others run on virtual machines.

In any event, security innovation for the software defined data center is here today. New products for breach detection like a GuardiCore can do things in virtual data centers that was not possible several years ago. And leveraging SDN with advanced breach detection methods is a key to winning the war on cyber attacks.

We would like to thank our partner VMware for a great week last week. If you were in Barcelona, we hope you had a great week too, and we will see you next year.

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