Guardicore - Let's talk at VMWorld 2015 SF!

Let’s talk at VMWorld 2015 SF!

We are very excited about the upcoming VMWorld Show and the opportunity to showcase our Guardicore Data Center Security Suite.

The event brings together the greatest technology experts in virtualization and data centers, and it is a great opportunity for us to engage in a deep discussion with people who run Software-Defined Data Centers and hear first-hand about the security measures deployed across their data centers and clouds.

We would love to get your feedback on our product and discuss your thoughts and best practices.
We’d love to get your take about security layers inside your SDDC;
– What security challenges are you facing?
– What sort of security visibility do you currently have into your virtual network?
– How do you implement breach detection with east-west traffic?
– Do you feel you have to compromise on architecture for security?
– How do you prepare for a timely response in case of a breach?

Come talk to us in the New Innovator Pavilion booth 1637, we would love to have a chat!

From Guardicore's
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Consolidate your hybrid cloud into a single, secure view and protect it with Guardicore Centra’s software-defined segmentation.
Realize centralized application visibility and flexible security policy enforcement without the need for additional installations.
Reduce risk and simplify operations for your organization’s IT and security teams.

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