How to Prove the Savings of Software-Based Segmentation vs Legacy Firewalls

Many companies have discovered to their dismay that using firewalls to segment their networks is a complex, ineffective, and expensive process – especially when it comes to a hybrid cloud environment. In addition to the burdensome upfront cost of firewalls and hardware, there are the heavy downstream costs of project management, labor, maintenance, and prolonged asset exposure due to lengthy implementation times.

Guardicore Centra’s software-based segmentation enables enterprises to avoid those issues. Instead, organizations can reap the benefits of agile DevOps, rapid application deployment, and the cloud, delivering optimal security at a far lower total cost of ownership than traditional methods. Yet how can you prove the savings of software-based segmentation – before you make the switch?

Evaluating the full cost of technology and people is essential when making important, effective decisions. This is particularly true with impactful projects like segmentation, which have long-lasting impact. That’s why we developed the Guardicore Firewall Cost Savings Calculator. The calculator lets you compare legacy firewall segmentation with software-based segmentation and gain a comprehensive understanding of where the time and cost savings come from, using data that’s relevant to your own environment.

Why is segmentation so hard with legacy firewalls?

Let’s take a moment to understand why segmentation is difficult and pricey with traditional firewalls. Among the reasons for the high costs and challenges are the facts that:

  • There is little visibility with traditional firewalls. As a result, segment boundary identification can take many months.
  • Segmentation with legacy firewall appliances requires network changes (VLANs) and application changes that involves tremendous effort and costly downtime.
  • Applications are dynamic and change fast, and traditional firewalls simply do not have the flexibility to accommodate those kinds of agile changes.

Luckily, software-based segmentation provides a significantly more cost-effective and efficient alternative.

Honey Baked Ham simplifies segmentation and controls access to critical applications

With Guardicore Centra, the Honey Baked Ham company:
– Reduced upfront costs by 50%
– Secured 45 applications in six weeks
– Reduced total project cost by 85%

Guardicore makes segmentation more efficient

Guardicore’s software-based segmentation solution is independent of the underlying infrastructure. It allows simple policy management with a single pane of glass, without relying on cumbersome network appliances.

Guardicore empowers customers to accelerate segmentation projects with:

  • Full visibility for fast segment identification
  • One solution across hybrid environments
  • No networking or application changes required
  • No application downtime required
  • Smooth integration into DevOps lifecycle with REST API

Wondering how that translates into hard data? That’s where the Firewall Cost Savings Calculator comes into play.

The Guardicore Firewall Cost Savings Calculator

The Guardicore Firewall Cost Savings Calculator was developed to quickly and easily demonstrate the extent of the savings businesses can get from using Guardicore’s software-based segmentation compared with a legacy firewall solution.

To use it, all you need to do is answer four simple questions:

  • How many unique segments are required in your environment?
  • On average, how many physical servers or virtual machines will be included in each segment?
  • To how many different locations do you expect to deploy your application?
  • Who is your firewall vendor?

Once the fields for these questions have been filled out, the calculator will automatically display the resulting savings. For a detailed breakdown of how the results were calculated, you can also read the white paper or, for a more personalized breakdown of savings you can gain in your business’ unique environment, request an individual analysis.

As one customer discovered:

“With Guardicore, we were not only able to secure 45 applications without interruption in just six weeks, we also got a more agile, cost-effective, and secure solution than our legacy firewall provider.”

~ David E. Stennett, Sr. Infrastructure Engineer, the Honey Baked Ham Company

With Guardicore Centra, segmentation takes a mere 16 days, as opposed to 14-22 weeks with legacy firewalls.

See the savings from software-based segmentation

Ready to be amazed? Try the Guardicore Firewall Cost Savings Calculator for yourself and discover the time and cost savings your company could be getting by switching from traditional firewalls to software-based segmentation.

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