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Securing the Modern Law Firm

Law firms are increasingly the target of cyber attacks. Since 2012, cyber attacks have been constantly on the rise, culminating in several high profile breaches in 2015 and 2016.

Cyber criminals recognize law firms as vaults of proprietary sensitive corporate data and as such, optimal target for cyber security attacks. From the Panama Papers to DLA Piper, 2017 was one of the most challenging cybersecurity years for law firms and there is no indication that this trend is slowing down in 2018.

At the same time, law firm clients are considering cyber security as a serious factor in decision making and firms that fail to address security threats are more likely to lose business, face regulatory actions and even face lawsuits from clients.

What happened during the last 12 months

Last year’s survey of of 200 U.S. firms found that many law firms are unprepared for cyberattacks and that it’s hurting their standing with clients. This year, we see that law firms are more prepared for cyberattacks due to the introduction of new solutions such as Guardicore Centra that are capable of  addressing the unique security challenges of law firms.

DMS is critical for a law firm’s productivity, but at the same time it exposes the firm to more risk

Every law firm holds vast confidential and privileged client information. Ironically, the advanced Legal Document Management Systems (DMS) that are providing so many benefits to the legal force by making it mobile and more accessible from anywhere, increase the attack surface and actually become responsible for cyber attacks.  This happens due to the sophisticated and somewhat complicated nature of the DMS compute and networking infrastructure: The DMS is a heavy system that includes every document and communications you can think of, using large numbers of servers and big data. While this distributed infrastructure allows attorneys to access critical information from anywhere, it creates a large exposure area that allows cyber criminals and sometimes eben foreign states to gain access to the most sensitive attorney-client data.  

Guardicore Centra to the rescue

Guardicore Centra provides unique security value to law firms: Its microsegmentation capabilities increase the ability to enforce policies on data center flows, allowing firms to further secure specific, critical applications. Guardicore’s path to implementing micro segmentation includes deep visibility and visualization of data flows and applications, allowing law firms to discover, understand and control application flows. Coupled with powerful breach detection capabilities, Guardicore can also identify if attackers are already inside the firm’s data center and prevent them from continuing to carry on with their malicious activities.
Guardicore brings a proven capability in microsegmentation of leading legal applications and solutions. Call us to learn more on how some of the world’s largest and leading law firms are using Guardicore Centra.
Would you like to learn more? Read the white paper:Securing the modern law firm here.

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