Solving Security’s Biggest Problems in 20 Minutes or Less

Security has gotten out of control. It seems like every day there is some new and terrifying attack out there that threatens our entire existence. Frankly, it’s exhausting. 

What’s even more exhausting is that some of the problems that continue to plague our industry can be significantly reduced with relatively simple concepts. I’m not saying everything can be fixed simply, but risk can be drastically reduced.

I’m biased, but a great example of this is segmentation. The more difficult you make it for the attacker to gain foothold, the safer you are. When the network is segmented, lateral movement becomes harder to achieve. It’s a lot easier to run rampant when you don’t have to stop every step of the way. If you don’t believe me, try driving in Manhattan while hitting every red light. Yikes.

Demos with a purpose

With all that said, I’m not writing to sell you on segmentation, at least not in this blog. Today I’m talking about our newest demo series, aptly named “20 Minute Tuesdays.” We’re taking demos to the next level by attaching business use cases to them. 

What a concept, right?

Ransomware. Zero Trust. Zero Days. You know, actual security concerns? We wanted to bring solutions to you instead of just talking about how great we are. We are great, but telling you that doesn’t really do anything. We’d rather show you how can use it to reduce the never-ending stress that comes with working in security.

Call us, tweet us, if you wanna reach us

Yes, that was in a fact a Kim Possible reference in a corporate blog. If you know, you know.

In all seriousness, the most fun part of this is how many different ways you can be engaged in this initiative. 


1. Jump in live

The first option here is to properly join us live. You can ask questions in the chat and have the most direct line to the presenter. If it’s a very specific question to your environment we can also set up time to talk to you 1-on-1.

2. Hop on Twitter

If you’re active on the bird app, this is another way to get involved. You can respond, retweet, or tweet on your own using the hashtag #20MinuteTuesdays.

You’re probably already on Twitter during the Zoom-a-palooza that is work from home life. Might as well learn something during it rather than just following the memes. 

3. Watch the replay

Maybe you like to process things on your own time or you just really don’t have a minute to spare during the day – you can always pop over to our YouTube channel. The full demos will be there every week.

However you decide to join us, we look forward to having you there. You’ve already made the right choice by joining 😎

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Join this webinar as Forrester Senior Analyst David Holmes and Guardicore CEO, Pavel Gurvich discuss the common misconceptions surrounding microsegmentation and how it is the unsung hero of reducing ransomware risk.
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