The Minimum Viable Controls (MVC) to Secure IaaS and PaaS

The mass move to the cloud over the last few months has been good for digital transformation, but challenging for security. While many companies have successfully transitioned to a more remote-friendly environment, there is still a lack of clarity around the minimum viable controls (MVC) needed to secure IaaS and PaaS.

Speeding the Move to the Cloud

In “ancient” days – as in a couple of months ago – it was obvious that the adoption of public clouds was inevitable. However, it seemed that it would take some time until every organization had a significant presence there. Then came COVID-19.

Even during a disaster, there are winners. Many organizations followed Winston Churchill’s famous quote “don’t waste a good crisis” and accelerated their journey to the cloud on a mission to transform their IT environment.

It was great that they could speed the migration process. It was not so great that many did so without paying enough attention to security requirements and risk mitigation.

Understanding Cloud Security Requirements

According to Gartner analyst Tom Croll, enterprises trying to implement on-premises data center security processes and tools for the cloud are actually inhibiting cloud adoption, slowing their own progress and increasing risk. Using yesterday’s tools to protect today’s cloud infrastructure is risky and creates more damage than benefits. It will not get you the desired results and may even risk your organization.

IaaS and PaaS are provided by the Cloud Service Providers, which have to assure and secure the infrastructure of the cloud itself. We wrote a lot about it in the past, for example here and here. This “shared responsibility model” still leaves your data and critical application exposed and unprotected.

Luckily, modern security solutions – such as Guardicore Centra – are capable of providing the necessary controls required to protect the cloud. Micro-segmentation and zero trust network access (ZTNA) should be implemented when configuring cloud infrastructure, combined with strong IAM, robust encryption, and constant posture management.

The Five Most Important Security Controls You Need to Implement Today

Wondering how to put together an actionable plan for securing your infrastructure? Together with our ecosystem partner SecuPi, Guardicore has created a webinar sharing the five most important security controls that organizations should take in order to ensure that the IaaS and PaaS infrastructure they are using is secure and solid.

View the webinar today and you’ll be on your way to lowering risk and tightening security across your entire environment.

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