Welcome to San Francisco. RSA 2020, Here We Come!

Since the early 1990s, RSA Conference has established itself as the destination where the world talks security.

I’ve attended RSA Conference for more than 15 years with roles at various companies: large and small, newly created and already established, public and private, stealthy or well-known. And even though the city I liked a lot is changing its face I still like to attend this event in San Francisco: I enjoy watching how our industry is growing and changing. The RSAC as we like to name it, feels like a big, warm, sometimes cheezy overcrowded wedding. RSAC is where the global security “community” participates in our annual networking events.

The “action” takes place on the expo floor, the surrounding restaurants where one can meet teammates he hasn’t seen for a while as well as the hotel bars and suites. The weather is expected to be sunny so I expect a lot of casual meetings on the surroundings of the Moscone Center.

For me, the real value is the networking opportunity and our (read:my) ability to learn new things from anyone that is willing to talk with me: job seekers, tire-kickers, prospects, ecosystem partners, colleagues and customers. The collective intelligence that is surrounding us is amazing and invaluable.

Obviously I was quite disappointed to learn about IBM Security’s decision not to attend the conference. I am sure that it was not an easy decision and yet, in my opinion it is a mistake and I’m happy to explain my reasons to anyone that will DM me.

And of course, we will be demonstrating our newest innovations. In my opinion, we have achieved some product achievements that will really blow your mind. I’m looking forward to meeting you all at the conference ! See us at the Guardicore Booth #4319, North Hall, Moscone Center.

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