Making zero trust a reality

Zero Trust: The Attacker’s Perspective

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Zero trust has become quite the buzzword in the security industry. This concept of not trusting even after authenticated has revolutionized how we view access management in the data center. 

Zero Trust and the attacker

At the last Zero Trust Demo Forum, Ariel Zeitlin and Ophir Harpaz had a great session on the attacker’s perspective of ZT. In theory, it sounds great – the guilty until proven innocent mentality suits security well. Just like any concept, we have to bring it into reality though. What would this look like in real life? Not just from a design and implementation standpoint, but from the attacker’s standpoint. That’s why we’re here, right? to defend against attackers?

Attack simulation storytime with Ariel and Ophir

Check out this video (complete with virtual sticky notes, yay!) to see Ariel and Ophir break down different stages of an attack. More importantly, how the threat actors would get around each layer of defense. We’re lucky to have such an amazing research team here who can “show and tell” exactly how an attacker would act in these scenarios. 

Have Zero Trust in Zero Trust?

Whether you’re a ZT expert or a n00b, don’t worry, we’ve got you. Check out the resources available below that talk about doing Zero Trust the right way. 

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