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A Knowledge Base of Attack Campaigns captured by Guardicore Global Sensor Network

Campaign Information


911 active
First seen in Guardicore Centra       2020-04-07
Last seen in Guardicore Centra       2020-08-18
The 911 (Nine-One-One) campaign is one deploying a known Mirai variant named Sora. Active since the beginning of April 2020, the campaign has been targeting IoT devices for at least four months. The Sora variant, according to recent reports, exploits remote code exeuction and authentication bypass vulnerabilities in Huawei and Dasan GPON routers, respectively. Another characteristic of this variant is its XOR encryption key, the value 0xDEDEFBAF. Each string in the malware process is decrypted in memory using this key, and is immediately encrypted again to avoid memory-based detection. The name of this botnet campaign is derived from the deployed malware binaries – “911”, with an extension that corresponds to the victim’s architecture.

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Indicators of Compromise

Attack Flow

Breached Services



Package Install SSH Outgoing Connection Access Suspicious Domain Successful SSH Login

Incident Summary

A user logged in using SSH with the following credentials: root / **** – Authentication policy: White List

Successful SSH Login

A possibly malicious Package Install was detected

Package Install

Process /bin/bash generated outgoing network traffic to:

Outgoing Connection

Process /bin/bash attempted to access suspicious domains:

Outgoing Connection Access Suspicious Domain

Connection was closed due to timeout

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