Guardicore Centra Simplifies Segmentation

Reduce your attack surface and prevent lateral movement with fast and simple segmentation that works everywhere

The Guardicore Centra Security Platform is the simplest and most effective way to visualize and secure your data center, cloud, or hybrid cloud infrastructure.

What Guardicore Centra Does

The Guardicore Centra Security Platform makes visualizing and securing on-premises and cloud workloads fast and simple. It creates human-readable views of your complete infrastructure – from the data center to the cloud – with fast and intuitive workflows for segmentation policy creation.


Reduce Complexity with an infrastructure-agnostic approach that works consistently across any environment, platform, or operating system.

Reduce Risk with granular segmentation policies that prevent lateral movement within your data center and cloud environments.

Innovate Faster by integrating security into DevOps and IT automation workflows without creating obstacles or requiring application changes.

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Guardicore’s unique and innovative approach has earned praise from both industry experts and hands-on reviewers.

How Guardicore Centra Works

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Virtual Machines

Agent-based data collection and policy enforcement within virtual machines with optional hypervisor-level data collection.
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Bare Metal

Agent-based data collection and policy enforcement, with optional network-based collection, for servers running modern or legacy operating systems.


Centra Features
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Cloud Instances

Agent-based data collection and policy enforcement that works consistently across hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments.
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Agent-based data collection and policy enforcement, with optional network-based collection, for servers running modern or legacy operating systems.

On-Premises, Cloud, or Hybrid Cloud

Centra is completely independent from your underlying infrastructure, giving you one security approach that works across data center, public cloud, and hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Any Combination of Platforms

Centra can protect any combination of bare metal servers, virtual machines, and containers, giving you a future-proof security approach that adapts as your needs change.

Modern and Legacy Operating Systems

Centra supports modern and legacy Windows and Linux releases, as well as niche operating systems like Solaris, AIX, and HP-UX, so you can protect your entire infrastructure.

Learn More About Guardicore Centra

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