Comparison Guides

While Illumio Core is targeting exclusively the host-based microsegmentation use-case, Guardicore Centra covers not just visibility and microsegmentation use-cases, but also offers advanced threat detection and response capabilities.
Guardicore provides a faster, easier and more cost effective solution than VMware NSX for segmenting and micro-segmenting critical applications and cloud workloads.
Cisco Tetration was designed with network performance and analytics as its primary use case, therefore it lacks deep security capabilities like L7 blocking and has architectural limitations that prevent it from scaling well.
CloudPassage Halo is an automated public cloud infrastructure security solution that delivers compliance monitoring for compute, storage, database, networking, and identity services.
See why Guardicore Centra Security delivers a superior Applications Visibility, Microsegmentation and Threat detection over Palo Alto Networks Prisma Cloud.
All the way from the planning stages to policy creation and enforcement, VLANs are a hassle while Guardicore Centra is simpler. Here are the important differences, and some ideas for what you can do with all that free time you’ll have once you choose Guardicore for segmenting critical business applications.