Critical Application Ring-Fencing

Focused protection of the applications you rely on most

Isolate your most valuable digital assets

See how applications work

Visualize critical applications and understand how they communicate.

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The first step to protecting a critical application is understanding its components, dependencies, and communication needs in detail. Centra lets you see how an application works under normal conditions, making it easier to create precise policies to prevent unsanctioned usage and activity.

Lock down access to critical applications

Apply precise segmentation policies to isolate high-value assets.

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An optimal ring-fencing approach narrowly limits application access and communication to only those activities required for the application to function properly. Centra makes it easy to create precise policies that apply ring-fencing controls down to the individual process level.

Defend high-value assets from attacks

Detect and mitigate threats quickly using multiple advanced techniques.

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An organization’s highest profile or highest value assets are an attractive target for attackers. Centra combines policy-based alerts, reputation-based detection, file integrity monitoring, and deception to detect threats against critical assets and help you respond quickly.

Simple and precise protection of your most critical assets

Guardicore Centra makes it easy to understand how your critical applications work and communicate and create precise ring-fencing policies to protect them. Segmenting high-value digital assets with ring-fencing policies isolates them from the broader IT infrastructure, reducing their exposure to threats from both inside and outside of your organization. Centra’s proactive policies are complemented by set of integrated threat detection and response capabilities that will help you detect and respond to attacks quickly and continuously improve your ring-fencing policies.



Ring-Fence Your High-Value Assets with Guardicore

Most organizations have a select set of applications that are the lifeblood of their business, from customer-facing web applications to databases containing valuable or sensitive information. Security incidents affecting these types of critical assets can have a significant impact on a company’s business and reputation. Guardicore helps security teams give critical applications the security focus they require by providing a visual map of how they work, making it easy to ring-fence them with precise segmentation policies, and protectively detecting targeted attacks.

Visualize Critical Applications in Detail – Understand how critical applications work and communicate, so you can protect them effectively.

Create Granular Ring-Fencing Policies – Tightly control how applications function and isolate them to the greatest extent possible.

Detect and Respond to Attacks Quickly – Employ multiple complementary techniques to detect and mitigate attacks against critical assets.

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