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How could software-based segmentation benefit you?
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Companies are finding software-based segmentation is a faster, simpler, and less costly solution than legacy firewalls. Without it, it’s challenging to keep security policies up to date in the face of agile DevOps and today’s dynamic IT environments.

Need proof, to either help clarify your understanding of the value you’ll receive or make the case to your manager for dynamic segmentation? We’ve got you covered.

Guardicore’s free cyber risk assessment tools provide you with hard data so you can better plan your segmentation project, quantify risk reduction, and see the time and cost savings that will result from your project.

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How secure is your network? Test network resilience

“It’s surprising to find an attack simulation platform this useful that is available for free…Infection Monkey could be used to access overall security as a starting point to making improvements, or as a way to check existing defenses to ensure they are operating as intended with no shortcomings or oversights.”
— IDG Insider Pro

Use Infection Monkey to assess your Zero Trust posture and discover security flaws in no time.


How will segmentation help? Quantify the results of attack surface reduction

“A real-life report showed that a critical application had 3.5M possible connections, but only 120 were truly necessary. Closing all connections but the 120 needed would result in a 99.93% risk reduction!”

Critical applications with broad attack surfaces introduce large risk to business continuity and security. Run a simple, nearly zero-touch report that visualizes and quantifies risk reduction resulting from using software-based segmentation in your own environment.

How much would it cost? Calculate time and money savings

“With Guardicore, we were not only able to secure 45 applications without interruption in just 6 weeks, we also got a more agile, cost-effective, and secure solution than our legacy firewall provider.”

Find out how much time and money you can save by replacing legacy firewalls with software-based segmentation.


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