Attack Surface Reduction Analysis

See how microsegmentation can shrink attack surface up to 99%

A visualization of software-based segmentation – on your network

The Attack Surface Reduction Report is a simple, nearly zero-touch method for demonstrating the power segmentation will have on your unique network in four easy steps.

1. Data collection

Your team uses one of the zero-impact, zero-software methods offered by Guardicore to collect network data from your critical applications. No connection is established by Guardicore at any point to your environment/servers.

2. Data analysis

Guardicore analyzes the data collected after you send it to us. Note that we do not share or use the data for anything other than the analysis and report.

3. Risk reduction explained

Guardicore generates your personalized attack surface reduction report, which contains maps detailing the communication paths to and from your critical applications before and after a segmentation policy is deployed (i.e., the applications’ attack surface before and after segmentation).

4. Value visualization

Use the visual representation, quantified risk reduction analysis, and general explanation of attack surfaces, risk reduction, and methodology to move forward with your segmentation plans.

Speed risk reduction with segmentation

Guardicore’s software-based segmentation approach simplifies the process of reducing risk without requiring costly security hardware. Visualize your applications, understand their connections, and secure them with policies that cross all environments.

Create policies faster

Map application dependencies and traffic flows and create policies quickly.

Avoid downtime

Create or change policies without disruptive infrastructure changes.

Ensure security

Design more effective policies that work both on-premises and in the cloud.

“We needed controls that we could use to shrink the risk surface, monitor for unauthorized lateral movement, add an element of deception, and increase the fidelity of alerts. Guardicore was the only platform we tested that gave us everything we needed to fill those gaps.”

— Corey Bussard, Manager of SOC, Blue Bastion

How to Show the Economic Value of Segmentation At-a-Glance

Download a free paper to learn how to make the economic case for using visibility and segmentation to massively reduce risk and protect your critical applications.

Case study: From 3.5M
connections to 120

A large business used the Segmentation Impact Report process to examine a critical application.

As a result of the analysis, Guardicore showed the business that the application had 3.5M possible connections. Guardicore also discovered that only 120 of those connections were truly necessary.

Closing all but the 120 required connections would result in a 99.93% risk reduction.

“Visibility, to me, means being able to see the traffic patterns, the communication flow between the systems, and knowing what’s going on in the cloud. That’s really what I saw as the strength in Guardicore Centra.”

— Scott T. Nichols, Director of Global Product Privacy and Cybersecurity, Beckman Coulter

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