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Save time and money by replacing firewall appliances with software-based segmentation

Software-based segmentation saves time and money and makes it easier to extend security to the cloud and new application deployment models.

Answer the questions to estimate how much time and money you will save by replacing legacy firewalls with software-based segmentation.

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Using Guardicore Centra instead of firewalls for segmentation will save you as much as:



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Move Fast and Save Money

Guardicore’s software-based segmentation approach eliminates complexity and costly security hardware. Visualize your applications and create segmentation policies with a few clicks.

Create policies faster

Map application dependencies and traffic flows and create policies quickly.

Avoid downtime

Create or change policies without disruptive infrastructure changes.

Ensure security

Design more effective policies that work both on-premises and in the cloud.

Honey Baked Ham Secures Critical Applications 15X Faster at 85% Lower Cost

Before: The company’s effort to secure 45 critical applications was stalled by an untenable $1 million total price tag, two-year timeline, and downtime requirements with legacy firewall appliances.

After Guardicore:

  • Reduced upfront costs by 50% by avoiding new firewall appliance purchases
  • Accelerated timeline by over 15x, securing all 45 applications in just six weeks
  • Reduced total project cost by 85%
  • Avoided any system downtime or business disruption
  • Added sophisticated remote access security controls

“With Guardicore, we were not only able to secure 45 applications without interruption in just 6 weeks, we also got a more agile, cost-effective, and secure solution than our legacy firewall provider.”

— David E. Stennett, Sr. Infrastructure Engineer, The Honey Baked Ham Company

Rethink Firewalls: The Compelling Economic Case for Software-Based Segmentation

Download our firewall cost savings white paper to see how Guardicore customers completed segmentation projects 20 times faster and lowered costs by 85 percent.

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