What Software-Based Segmentation Can Do For You

The Guardicore Centra Security Platform makes visualizing and securing on-premises and cloud workloads fast and simple. It creates human-readable views of your complete infrastructure – from the data center to the cloud – with fast and intuitive workflows for segmentation policy creation.

Start Assessing Your Security Posture for Free

Download Guardicore Infection Monkey for free and assess the resiliency of your private and public cloud environments to post-breach attacks and lateral movement.

Guardicore Sets the Standard for Security Research

Guardicore Labs is a global security research team consisting of the world’s top hackers, cybersecurity researchers and industry experts. The Labs team provides the most in-depth analysis, and insights and response methodologies to the latest threats so you can mitigate quicker and better to protect your environments.

Guardicore Labs Botnet Encyclopedia

Get in-depth analysis of attack campaigns captured by Guardicore Global Sensors Network (GGSN). Learn about each botnet’s scope, its associated indicators of compromise (IOCs), and the attack flow.

Guardicore Labs Research Projects

Guardicore Labs is committed to innovation and collaboration. Together with our academy colleagues, we lead and participate in research projects in the fields of network security, analytics and fault tolerance.

Guardicore Labs Threat Intelligence

The Guardicore Cyber Threat Intelligence service offers unique information on Internet threats such as malicious IPs and Domains – detected by the Guardicore Labs team and Guardicore’s Global Sensor Network.

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