Environment Segmentation

Firm environment boundaries without infrastructure complexity

Reduce security and instability risk by isolating distinct environments

Gain greater visibility and context

Visualize how applications work and group them by function. ​

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Many security teams lack a complete picture of which applications are running in their environments and how they interact with other IT resources. Centra visualizes all applications and makes it easy to label and filter them by environment, function, and other meaningful attributes.

Decouple policies from infrastructure

Replace complex, infrastructure-based segmentation with a less disruptive approach.

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Many organizations rely on techniques like VLANs and firewalls to isolate their environments from each other. Infrastructure-based approaches like this often require downtime and coordination across teams. Centra’s software-defined segmentation approach eliminates this complexity.

Limit the impact of security breaches

Detect breaches quickly and prevent them from crossing environment boundaries. ​

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One of the biggest risks of poor environment segmentation is that it makes it easier for an attacker to advance from an initial point of compromise to higher value assets. Centra uses multiple techniques to detect threats and makes it easy to stop them with granular segmentation policies.

Environment segmentation without the infrastructure headaches

Guardicore Centra makes it easy to see all of the applications running in your data center and cloud infrastructure, label and group them by environment, and create precise environment segmentation boundaries. Centra’s software-defined segmentation approach is simpler, faster, and less intrusive than legacy environment segmentation approaches like VLANs and firewalls. By improving visibility, simplifying policy creation, and proactively detecting threats, Guardicore significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized communication between environments.


Simplify and Strengthen Environment Segmentation with Guardicore

Most organizations don’t segment distinct IT environments are effectively as they should due to poor visibility and concerns about disruptions and downtime. This makes them more susceptible to both high-impact security breaches and unintentional infrastructure instability. Guardicore helps security teams excel at environment segmentation by making it easier to see relationships and dependencies among IT assets and create precise segmentation policies that achieve true isolation between distinct IT environments.

See Applications in Context – Visualize application activity, clearly labeled by role and environment.

Create Software-Defined Boundaries – Turn visual insights into precise environment segmentation policies.

Detect Unsanctioned Activity – Detect and stop malicious or unintentional cross-environment communication.

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