Guardicore and ServiceNow CMDB Integration Bridges IT and Security Management

In nimbler organizations, IT and network security are often managed by the same team. In medium and large enterprises, the teams that manage these two functions, as well as the systems that run them, tend to be more isolated. On the IT side of systems, configuration management databases (CMDBs) are frequently considered the backbone of IT management, since this is the element that delivers services, identifies assets and connections, and records configuration changes over time.

From the security perspective, aggregating, mapping, and securing all of the assets in your environment becomes more difficult if your IT systems are highly dynamic, and your security toolset can’t recognize changes as they happen. The complexity and challenges further increase in enterprise environments that are spinning up new virtual machines in the cloud, scaling up data centers, or administering new personal devices for employees amid a hiring wave.

The integration of Guardicore, now known as Guardicore Akamai Segmentation, and ServiceNow CMDB brings IT and security operations one giant step closer together, and is one of the most popular plug-ins used by Guardicore enterprise customers. Guardicore Akamai Segmentation solves security challenges by ingesting CMDB data from ServiceNow into the existing map of your network, providing the ability to integrate disparate data sources in a continually optimized IT environment, simplifying your labeling scheme and improving security policy management.

How it works

The integration is provided via an app for ServiceNow CMDB that allows you to maintain a flexible labeling scheme consistent with other systems when creating segmentation policies or Reveal maps with CMDB data.

In other words, when processes within IT Service Management make changes to assets or even create new external connections, the integration ensures that these updates are pushed to the Centra Security Platform so that security remains intact. This helps you realize the goals of continuously minimizing the attack surface of an environment and ensuring visibility of all data flows and assets.


Overall, you can use the information from your CMDB to help secure your cloud, data center, and operational technology (OT) and Internet of Things (IoT) environments. You can also maintain the consistency of your labeling scheme through natively integrated data flows. Finally, your security, audit, and operational costs are all reduced, thanks to the simplified flow of information.

Benefits include:

  • Leverage existing CMDB information for clouds, data centers, OT, and IoT
  • Integrate natively without the need to change your labeling scheme
  • Lower security and operational costs by automating workflows using CMDB asset lifecycle management
  • Reduce audit costs through automation and improved information flow on all assets

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