Guardicore Advantages Over Legacy Firewalls

Firewalls belong at the perimeter. Segment at the workload level with Guardicore.
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of surveyed security pros are not confident that their legacy firewall could contain a breach of the data center perimeter.

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Believe legacy firewalls do not have the capabilities to prevent attacks against critical business and cloud-based applications.

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Reported their organizations are ready for an alternative or complementary solution to their legacy firewalls.

Are legacy firewalls effective for network segmentation?

Legacy firewalls lack the flexibility, cross-platform protection, and scalability requirements organizations need to secure today’s complex environments.

Guardicore Centra is a more agile, cost-effective, and secure software-based solution that solves these challenges and simplifies segmentation projects at your organization.

Guardicore Centra vs. Legacy Firewalls


Legacy Firewall
Businesses can easily see and block unnecessary communications between any two assets or applications.
Legacy firewalls cannot visualize and block communication paths between any two applications, leaving a broad attack surface.
Define user and process-level policies independent of the underlying infrastructure.
Policies can only be applied between different network segments, not within.
Centra’s policy overlay empowers you to save time and resources by simulating policies over real traffic.
When setting rules, there is no way to validate policies or see if changes will create new risks due to unseen dependencies.


Legacy Firewall
Provides a unified view of all your workloads, endpoints and their connections.
Legacy firewalls provide a wealth of data (such as logs) but limited visibility or context.
Show all traffic between workloads in any environment with process-level and user-level context included.
Legacy firewalls do not map out or assess dependencies, forcing businesses to compensate with broad segmentation policies that contain security gaps.
Accurate data lets you model effective policies and provides context for security enforcement.
Lack of context makes it difficult to build policies for specific asset behaviors.


Legacy Firewall
Guardicore features policy templates based on real-world data, improving time-to-policy.
Creating policies for standard use cases can take months before effective security is viable with legacy firewalls.
Create policies for a specific application, workload or endpoint and maintain them directly from an easy-to-use map.
Legacy firewalls force you to manage policies that apply to all traffic.
No downtime or network changes are required at the time of installation, policy creation or policy changes.
Segmentation often requires applications to be moved between subnets or VLANS, causing downtime and disrupting business continuity.


Legacy Firewall
Guardicore Centra drives protection from the asset level, based on the deployment of agents. There is zero impact on network traffic and no increase in latency.
The centralized, physical approach of legacy firewalls increases latency.
Utilize a single set of security policies that provide the same security everywhere.
With legacy firewalls, different infrastructures require different solutions, which introduces blind spots and risk.
Set policies between any two endpoints in the network with no network changes or downtime required.
Network changes are necessary when using legacy firewalls for segmentation purposes.


Legacy Firewall
The software-based approach allows businesses to scale without downtime or infrastructure changes.
Legacy firewalls struggle to keep up with the complexity of today’s environments, requiring infrastructure changes and downtime to maintain.
Guardicore Centra can use aggregators as mediators between agents and centralized management to handle agents at scale.
Network changes require approvals, maintenance windows, the possibility of downtime and more.
Quickly map even highly complex environments and create policies based on accurate data, addressing compliance requirements up to 10x faster.
Legacy firewalls are time-consuming to implement, need multiple stakeholders, result in downtime and don’t provide the level of reporting many regulations require.

Guardicore vs. Legacy Firewalls

Application Segmentation Timeline

With legacy firewalls, even the most standard use cases can take months and require many hours of work before effective security is viable. Guardicore Centra’s software-based segmentation is the answer to these issues.

Honey Baked Ham Secures Critical Applications 15X Faster at 85% Lower Cost

Before: The company’s effort to secure 45 critical applications was stalled by an untenable $1 million total price tag, two-year timeline, and downtime requirements with legacy firewall appliances.

After Guardicore:

  • Reduced upfront costs by 50% by avoiding new firewall appliance purchases
  • Accelerated timeline by over 15x, securing all 45 applications in just six weeks
  • Reduced total project cost by 85%
  • Avoided any system downtime or business disruption
  • Added sophisticated remote access security controls
“With Guardicore, we were not only able to secure 45 applications without interruption in just 6 weeks, we also got a more agile, cost-effective, and secure solution than our legacy firewall provider.”

— David E. Stennett, Sr. Infrastructure Engineer,
The Honey Baked Ham Company


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