Breach & Attack

How Resilient Is Your Network to Advanced Threats?

Unleash the Infection Monkey in your network and discover security flaws in no time.

Key Benefits

See the network from the attacker’s point of view

Get a visual map of your network as seen from the attacker's eyes with a breakdown of the machines the Monkey managed to breach.

Automated Breach and Attack Simulation Analysis

Simply infect a random machine with the Infection Monkey and automatically discover your security risks. Test for different scenarios - credential theft, compromised machines and other security flaws.

Get Actionable Recommendations - per machine

The Infection Monkey assessment produces a detailed report with remediation tips specific to each machine breached in your network.


Supported Platforms:

Use Cases

To match the pace of change in dynamic environments, you need a readily available tool that automates your security testing. By deploying the Infection Monkey as an ongoing testing solution, you can verify the security baseline of your network and achieve full network coverage.

Application Updates

Run the Infection Monkey after every update to an application in your environment. This allows you to ensure you did not leave any windows open for attackers and to validate security controls

Continuous Security Validation

Using the Infection Monkey continuously, and between normally scheduled pentests, helps ensure your security controls are in place, configured properly and able to detect and block a real-world attack.

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Simulate an APT attack with real-life ATTACK Techniques and get mitigation recommendations

Zero Trust Analysis

Find weaknesses in on-premises and cloud-based data centers.

A New Approach to Security Assessments

The Infection Monkey operates in much the same way a real attacker would - starting from a random location in the network and propagating from there, while looking for all possible paths of exploitation.

Download the Infection Monkey

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About Guardicore Labs

The Infection Monkey is developed and maintained by Guardicore Labs, the Guardicore global research team, consisting of hackers, cybersecurity researchers and industry experts. Our mission is to deliver cutting-edge cyber security research and provide analysis, insights and response methodologies to latest cyber threats. We help Guardicore customers and the security community to continually enhance their security posture and protect critical business applications and infrastructure.