Development setup

Deployment scripts

To setup development environment using scripts look at the readme under /deployment_scripts. If you want to setup it manually or if run into some problems, read further below.


The Agent, (what we refer as the Monkey), is a single Python project under the infection_monkey folder. Built for Python 3.7, you can get it up and running by setting up a virtual environment and inside it installing the requirements listed under requirements.txt.

In order to compile the Monkey for distribution by the Monkey Island, you need to run the instructions listed in readme.txt on each supported environment.

This means setting up an environment with Linux 32/64-bit with Python installed and a Windows 64-bit machine with developer tools + 32/64-bit Python versions.

Monkey Island

The Monkey Island is a Python backend React frontend project. Similar to the agent, the backend’s requirements are listed in the matching requirements.txt.

To setup a working front environment, run the instructions listed in the readme.txt