Security report

The Monkey’s Security Report is built to provide you with actionable recommendations and insight to the Attacker’s view of your network. You can download a PDF of this example report:

The report is split into 3 main categories: “Overview”, “Recommendations” and “The network from the Monkey’s eyes”.


The overview section of the report provides high-level information about the Monkey execution and the main security findings that the Monkey has found.

High level information

The report starts with information about the execution, including how long the simulation took and from which machine the infection started from.


Used Credentials

The report will show which credentials were used for brute-forcing.

Used Credentials

Exploits and targets

The report shows which exploits were attempted in this simulation and which targets the Monkey scanned and tried to exploit.

Exploits and Targets

Security Findings

The report highlights the most important security threats and issues the Monkey discovered during the attack.

Threats and issues


This section contains the Monkey’s recommendations for improving your security - what mitigations you need to implement.

Machine related recommendations

Machine related recommendations

The network from the Monkey’s eyes

This section contains the Infection Map and some summary tables on servers the Monkey has found.

Network infection map

This part shows the network map and a breakdown of how many machines were breached.

Network map

Scanned servers

This part shows the attack surface the Monkey has found.

Scanned servers

Exploits and post-breach actions

This part shows which exploits and Post Breach Actions the Monkey has performed in this simulation.

Exploits and PBAs

Stolen Credentials

This part shows which credentials the Monkey was able to steal from breached machines in this simulation.

Stolen creds