MITRE ATT&CK assessment


Infection Monkey can simulate various ATT&CK techniques on the network. Use it to assess your security solutions’ detection and prevention capabilities. Infection Monkey will help you find which ATT&CK techniques go unnoticed and will provide recommendations about preventing them.


  • ATT&CK matrix You can use ATT&CK configuration section to select which techniques you want the Monkey to simulate. Leave default settings for the full simulation.
  • Exploits -> Credentials This configuration value will be used for brute-forcing. We use most popular passwords and usernames, but feel free to adjust it according to the default passwords used in your network. Keep in mind that long lists means longer scanning times.
  • Network -> Scope Disable “Local network scan” and instead provide specific network ranges in the “Scan target list”.

ATT&CK matrix

Suggested run mode

Run the Infection Monkey on as many machines in your environment as you can to get a better assessment. This can be easily achieved by selecting the “Manual” run option and executing the command shown on different machines in your environment manually or with your deployment tool.

Assessing results

The ATT&CK Report shows the status of ATT&CK techniques simulations. Click on any technique to see more details about it and potential mitigations. Keep in mind that each technique display contains a question mark symbol that will take you to the official documentation of ATT&CK technique, where you can learn more about it.