Zero Trust

Never Trust, Always Verify
with Guardicore Infection Monkey

The Industry’s 1st Zero Trust Assessment Tool

Key Benefits

Zero Trust Analysis Report

Safely and easily test your environment and receive a report indicating how any and all of your environments perform against a Zero Trust security posture

Actionable Recommendations

Discover Zero Trust gaps with actionable recommendations for remediation before making further decisions

Free, On Demand Evaluation

Test your network all the time, on repeat. Access a free, open source Zero Trust evaluation tool designed for any network size

Zero Trust Network

Zero Trust Analysis Report

The Infection Monkey is now powered by Zero Trust testing capabilities. It tests your network’s adherence to the components of Forrester Zero Trust framework and generates a free status report with actionable recommendations to help you prioritize your Zero Trust decisions.

Supported Platforms:

Infection Monkey Zero Trust Use Cases

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Simulate an APT attack with real-life ATTACK Techniques and get mitigation recommendations

Breach and Attack Simulation Capabilities

Find weaknesses in on-premises and cloud-based data centers.

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About Guardicore Labs

The Infection Monkey is developed and maintained by Guardicore Labs, the Guardicore global research team, consisting of hackers, cybersecurity researchers and industry experts. Our mission is to deliver cutting-edge cyber security research and provide analysis, insights and response methodologies to latest cyber threats. We help Guardicore customers and the security community to continually enhance their security posture and protect critical business applications and infrastructure.