Threat Intelligence Firewall

Block incoming and outgoing connections to known malicious IPs to eliminate malicious activity before it reaches your data center
Guardicore’s Threat Intelligence Firewall is based on Guardicore‘s CyberThreat Intelligence (CTI), a service that offers unique information on malicious IP addresses and domains. These malicious assets are detected by Guardicore’s threat intelligence sensors, installed in multiple data centers, organizations and cloud providers worldwide.
To be up-to-date with the most recent threats, the list of known malicious IPs is updated daily. With this feature, Guardicore Centra is the only microsegmentation platform to block traffic from malicious IP addresses identified through both its global network and local customer sources.

How Guardicore Threat Intelligence Firewall Works

Reduce risk in your data center and cloud

Drastically reduce your attack surface to malicious actors that attempt to attack, scan, or make a CnC connection out of your organization.

Leverage the power of the cloud

Leverage information gathered by sensors deployed in live production data centers and cloud deployments across the globe.

Early warning about a compromised environment through instant block

Instant notifications provide accurate and real-time information that a customer environment has been compromised, allowing faster response.

Up-to-date intelligence about the newest threats

Lists of malicious IPs are updated daily with the latest attack, scan, and CnC IPs.

Threat Intelligence
Firewall Features

Daily updates on the latest attack,   
scan, and C&C threats

Customized Firewall Rules for Your Attack Surface

Deploy our threat intelligence sensors in your organization’s data center and get rules tailored to the attacks that have tried to compromise your specific environment.

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