PCI DSS Compliance

Simplify compliance with visibility and microsegmentation

A Global Security Standard for Payment Processing

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) applies to merchants and service providers of all sizes that play a role in credit card payment processing globally. PCI DSS specifies a set of security controls and practices that organizations accepting or processing payments must have in place.

The PCI DSS requirements span areas such as network security, encryption, vulnerability management, access control, and security policies. The broad scope of PCI DSS makes it major time and resource investment for IT and security teams. The stakes are also high. Non-compliance can result in significant fines, business disruption, and reputation damage.

Reduce PCI DSS compliance complexity and risk

Focus PCI DSS compliance scope

Isolate payment card systems with microsegmentation policies to reduce the scope of PCI DSS requirements. ​

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PCI DSS states that system components can considered out of scope if they are unable to communicate with any other component within the compliance environment. Centra makes it easy to create software-defined segmentation policies that enforce this level of isolation.

Improve real-time and historical visibility

See how applications communicate and validate that firewall policies are consistent with PCI DSS requirements.

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PCI DSS includes a number of requirements for restriction of communication with the compliance environment and blocking of insecure services, protocols, and daemons. Centra makes it easy to implement these type of policies and validate that prohibited activities aren’t occurring.

Adapt for hybrid cloud infrastructure

Implement a visibility and policy approach that spans data center and cloud environments. ​

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Many organizations find that PCI DSS compliance complexity makes it challenging to adopt cloud services. Centra’s visibility and segmentation capabilities work seamlessly across data center and cloud infrastructure, providing added flexibility as infrastructure needs evolve.

Visibility and control that simplifies compliance

Guardicore Centra makes it easier to visualize applications, assess how they communicate with other IT assets, and implement granular segmentation controls. The visibility and control that Centra provides makes it easier to isolate the PCI DSS compliance environment from the rest of the IT infrastructure and minimize the scope of compliance and audit requirements. It also makes implementing and validating controls within the compliance environment itself much simpler whether it is on-premises, in the cloud, or both.


Improve your PCI DSS compliance posture with Guardicore

The complexity and high stakes of PCI DSS compliance make it a leading concern of organizations that accept or process credit card payments. Security and IT teams often lack visibility into their current compliance posture, and implementing required security controls can be time-consuming and disruptive to business initiatives. Guardicore helps simplify and strengthen PCI DSS compliance by providing detailed application visibility and making it fast and easy to create precise security policies.

Visualize and Assess Compliance – See how regulated assets work and communicate and assess the effectiveness of security controls.
Isolate Regulated Applications – Reduce compliance scope and complexity with precise segmentation policies.
Implement Stronger Controls – Tightly manage how assets in compliance environments communicate.


How to Accelerate PCI Compliance and Ensure Ongoing Validation

Meeting the requirements of PCI-DSS certification requirements puts a significant burden on organizations. GRSEE Consulting, a PCI Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) completed a full audit of the Guardicore Centra product to examine its capabilities in helping IT managers, PCI internal auditors, and other key stakeholders interested in compliance.

This white paper provides information to IT managers and PCI internal auditors for:

  • Understanding network security needs and best practices to mitigate payment data threats
  • Discovering related requirements for PCI DSS version 3.2 audits
  • Learning the major ways in which Guardicore Centra can help to reduce the difficulty of meeting PCI-DSS certification requirements and achieving continued compliance.

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