GuardiCore Data Center Security Suite is Generally Available

Today we announced the general availability of the GuardiCore Data Center Security suite.

We are very excited to bring our solution to market, and feel we will be able to provide much needed help for organizations that are struggling to withstand the onslaught of cyber attacks.

In recent years cyber breaches have become a problem of epic proportions. Personal information of hundreds of millions people around the world was stolen just in the last few years. Intellectual property worth billions of dollars is being stolen from organizations’ data centers.

We feel strongly that we can move the needle on this issue and help organizations protect their intellectual property and customer data.

It’s a big milestone for the company. After two years of development and long period of testing with Beta customers we are confident that our product is ready to perform well in data centers of any size.

I’d like to thank the team at GuardiCore that worked very hard to reach this milestone.

I would especially like to thank our Beta customers for providing us invaluable feedback, insights and references. We look forward to continuing working closely with our customers and partners in the future.


P.S. Stay tuned, we have more announcements coming up soon.

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