Guardicore Expands Threat Detection and Response Capabilities to Cover More Attack Types Aimed at Data Centers and Clouds

Adds Reputation Services, Ransomware Mitigation and Intuitive Segmentation Policy Creation to Award-Winning Guardicore Centra™ Security Platform

San Francisco, CA and Tel Aviv, Israel – Guardicore, a leader in data center and cloud security, today announced it has expanded the threat detection capabilities of its Centra Security Platform to now include reputation analysis and ransomware mitigation, enabling its customers to more quickly detect active breaches, including ransomware attacks and dormant or hidden threats lurking in modern data centers and clouds.

Guardicore has also enhanced its flow visualization and segmentation policy management, allowing security teams to quickly and easily define application-centric segmentation policies to secure east-west traffic.

These new features will be demonstrated on the floor of this week’s RSA conference in San Francisco, CA in Guardicore booth #N4321.

The Guardicore Centra Security Platform empowers organizations charged with securing the modern data center to quickly detect and respond to even the most sophisticated attacks while they are in process, and do so without impacting performance or overburdening security teams.

“The traditional security stack is inadequate in defending always on, always connected modern data centers and clouds against emerging threats” said Pavel Gurvich, CEO and co-founder of Guardicore. “Our customers require more specific and more novel protection from threats traditional perimeter solutions miss. With these security enhancements, Guardicore continues to bolster the threat detection and response capabilities of the Centra Security Platform to address more attack vectors, giving our customers increased data center and cloud protection at a time when they need it most—now.”

Guardicore Centra Security Platform New Features

Guardicore Centra is the only single platform to address the five key areas of data center security—flow visualization, microsegmentation, threat detection, automatic analysis and response.

Guardicore Centra’s new threat reputation analysis and ransomware detection and mitigation adds to its multi-method detection capabilities featuring patented dynamic deception and segmentation policy-based detection methods, further reducing the attack surface and providing even broader coverage for today’s most advanced and prevalent attacks. These features benefit data center customers with:

  • Enhanced threat detection through reputation analysis — Guardicore’s patented dynamic deception quickly flushes out active breaches by detecting their lateral movements. But sometimes threats lay dormant and do not move laterally, making them more difficult to spot. Guardicore’s new Reputation Services allows customers to detect an attacker even if lateral movement was not performed, surfacing dormant and hidden threats lurking in the data center and eliminating them before they can be activated. It identifies indicators of compromise based on suspicious domain names, IP addresses and file hashes associated with known malicious activity. Guardicore Reputation Services leverages Guardicore’s network of attack sensors and deception engines, threat intelligence feeds and the insights of our security research team. It also distinguishes “negative processes” indicating the presence of an untrusted asset that warrants investigation.
  • Ransomware detection and mitigation — Leveraging Guardicore’s patented redirection and deception capabilities, the Centra platform extends the scope of data center protection to endpoints that are increasingly targeted for ransomware attacks. By placing lures on physical and virtual endpoints and redirecting attackers to its dynamic deception environment, Guardicore detects ransomware threats in real-time and isolates the threat preventing it from spreading further. New mitigation options allow IT security teams to mitigate ransomware in multiple ways including pausing the infected machine, creating a VM snapshot and disconnecting network cards.
  • Quick and easy segmentation policy creationMicro-segmentation policy creation and management is one of the most difficult tasks for IT security teams trying to secure workloads and business applications in dynamic cloud environments. Building on the flow visualization, policy definition and monitoring capabilities in Centra, Guardicore has added key new features that make defining applications and segmentation policies easier and more intuitive. New capabilities include asset, application and flow discovery wrapped with automated policy recommendations – including policy creation wizards – that simplify and accelerate microsegmentation rollouts.

Guardicore Centra Security Platform

Guardicore Reputation Analysis, ransomware detection and mitigation, and intuitive segmentation policy creation features are part of the latest release of the Guardicore Centra Security Platform, and are available now. The Guardicore Centra Security Platform is the only security product on the market that provides a single, scalable platform that covers five critical capabilities for effective modern data center security: flow visualization, microsegmentation, threat detection, automated analysis and response. Distributed per hypervisor or server, Guardicore Centra secures internal data center traffic and scales to very large network sizes and traffic rates, with low impact on hypervisor/server performance.

About Guardicore

Guardicore is an innovator in data center security focused on delivering more accurate and effective ways to stop advanced threats through real-time threat detection and response. Developed by the top cyber security experts in their field, Guardicore is changing the way organizations are fighting cyber attacks in their data centers. For more information, visit

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