Guardicore Expands Support for Docker Open Platform

Process-Level Visibility Between Containers Delivers More Granular Application Security Monitoring and Troubleshooting for “Dockerized” Applications

DockerCon Europe 2015, Barcelona, Spain – Guardicore, a leader in internal data center security, today announced that it has expanded support for the Docker open platform for building, shipping and running distributed applications. In addition to providing advanced breach detection and response for “Dockerized” applications, Guardicore has extended its support for Docker environments to deliver process-level visibility between any two containers, allowing security and devops teams to effectively secure, monitor, maintain and troubleshoot applications in a very granular manner. Guardicore will be demonstrating its Docker support at Dockercon in the New Innovators Showcase.

Although Docker has made containers easier and safer to deploy and use, the applications that are running on Docker need advanced security protection that can scale to east-west traffic rates inside the data center. According to the Gartner April 21, 2015 report, “Cool Vendors in DevOps, 2015,” most shared-OS virtualization, including Linux containers that rely upon Linux kernel functionality (including libcontainer and LXC), is less secure than hypervisor-based virtualization. Organizations that adopt containers and Docker have to decide how to secure them.

The Guardicore Data Center Security Suite is built from the ground up for today’s modern data centers and clouds, providing unparalleled visibility, active breach detection and real-time response for both virtual and physical environments – including containerized applications – and scales to support the performance requirements for high traffic data center environments. Guardicore stops sophisticated attacks by using a unique combination of threat deception, semantics-based analysis and automated response to engage, investigate and then thwart confirmed attacks with pin-point accuracy.

The Guardicore Data Center Security Suite provides the following core security capabilities for “Dockerized” applications:

  • Breach Detection – discovers attacks that are invisible to standard security products.
  • Total Visibility – provides granular visibility, including process-level communications, into activity inside the data center and containers.
  • Data Center Scalability – scales to any traffic load inside the hypervisor or server and provides coverage for all data center traffic.
  • Real-time Analysis and Response – real-time analysis of the attack footprint reveals complete and detailed insight for all security breaches, enabling precise incident response and remediation.

“Docker has become almost synonymous with containers due to its impressive adoption rate,” said Ariel Zeitlin, Guardicore CTO and co-founder. “Process level visibility is an important security enhancement that is needed for many organizations deploying Docker. The combination of container technology to create isolated environments with Guardicore’s breach detection and visibility provides a more secure and efficient solution to build, distribute and run applications inside the data center.”

Last month, Guardicore announced the general availability of its Data Center Security Suite, which now includes expanded Docker support, and equally secures both container and hypervisor virtualization environments. More information can be found at

About Guardicore:
Founded in 2013 and funded by Battery Ventures, Greylock IL and strategic investors, Guardicore is a leader in internal data center security and breach detection and is transforming security inside data centers and clouds. With Guardicore, enterprises gain real time visibility, understanding and response to illicit activity within the data center in minutes not months. Leveraging threat deception and application-level network visualization, Guardicore’s distributed breach detection and automated attack mitigation solution is uniquely designed to address the security challenges across virtual, high traffic data center environments. For more information, visit

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