Guardicore Integrates Threat Detection Technology with Check Point vSEC Virtual Gateways to Protect Critical Assets in the Modern Data Center

Real time Indicators of Compromise (IOC) Fed into Check Point Security Gateways Enable Blocking of Ongoing and Future Attacks at the Perimeter

Tel Aviv, Israel – Guardicore, a leader in virtual data center security, today announced that its threat detection technology, a core component of its Data Center Security Suite, is integrated with Check Point® Software Technologies help organizations better protect their data centers from targeted attacks. Guardicore now works seamlessly with Check Point vSEC Virtual Gateways to provide real-time data center threat detection tools, allowing administrators to block ongoing and future attacks inside the data center and at the perimeter.Key benefits of the vSEC Virtual Gateway include:

  • Unified and automated security for modern data centers when moving to Private and Public Cloud
  • Advanced security and threat prevention inside the data center with tight integration to leading SDN technologies
  • Full threat visibility and control to 100% of the traffic across different clouds and inside the data center

The Guardicore Data Center Security Suite is built from the ground up for today’s modern data centers and clouds, providing unparalleled visibility, active threat detection and real-time response for virtual and physical, on-premises and public cloud environments, and scales to support the performance requirements for high traffic environments.  Guardicore provides real time threat detection and response of advanced attacks in the data center by using a unique combination of threat deception, semantics-based analysis and automated response to engage, investigate and then stop confirmed attacks with pin-point accuracy.

“Today’s data center brings a whole new set of security challenges, with one of the biggest being the ability to effectively respond to breaches once they have been detected,” said Pavel Gurvich, Guardicore CEO and co-founder. “The integration of Guardicore threat detection and response with Check Point’s data center security platform gives our joint customers swift and efficient response to active breaches in the data center, protecting valuable corporate data from compromise.”

Together, Guardicore and Check Point deliver a comprehensive and coordinated data center security solution to protect critical corporate data and assets. Once Guardicore detects a breach inside the data center, it provides Indicators of Compromise (IOC) to Check Point Security Gateways using the STIX (Structured Threat Information Expression) API, allowing security administrators to block future attacks in the data center and at the perimeter.

“Guardicore’s threat detection technology is a great compliment to our Check Point vSec Virtual Gateways providing valuable security intelligence of incidents detected inside virtual environments including public and private clouds,” said Alon Kantor, vice president of business development at Check Point. “Integrating Check Point vSec Virtual Gateways with IOCs generated by Guardicore enhances our comprehensive security platform. Now, our customers can quickly detect breaches and block future attacks by securing virtual machines (VMs) and applications with the full range of protections of the Check Point Software Blade architecture.

About Guardicore:

Guardicore is a leader in internal data center security and threat detection and is transforming security inside data centers and clouds. With Guardicore, enterprises gain real time visibility, understanding and response to illicit activity within the data center in minutes, not months. Leveraging threat deception and application-level network visualization, Guardicore’s distributed breach detection and automated attack mitigation solution is uniquely designed to address the security challenges across virtual, high traffic data center environments. For more information, visit

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