With GuardiCore, you know
when you’re being breached.

GuardiCore enables you to spot breaches that other security measures have missed and provides visibility into east-west traffic that up to now has been a considerable blind spot. So you can respond to breaches in a fraction of the time traditional technologies normally take while eliminating the “analysis paralysis” associated with log data overload and false positives.


Dramatically reduce time to detect, investigate and remediate attacks

By focusing only on suspicious activity that warrants investigation, GuardiCore detects breaches in real time and automatically triggers mitigation.


Prevent or minimize damage and data theft, saving millions

GuardiCore catches attacks earlier in the kill chain, before they can do costly damage.


Gain unprecedented visibility into data center activity

GuardiCore enables you to monitor internal communication between applications, down to the process level.


Empower security teams to “do more with less.”

Automatic continuous monitoring enables analysts to focus on legitimately suspicious activity.


Strengthen entire security infrastructure.

GuardiCore helps plug the critical “east-west” traffic gap within the data center.


Understand attack methods and patterns.

GuardiCore provides unprecedented forensic intelligence and data on attacks to further accelerate detection and analysis.

Our Innovative Approach Stops Attacks
in the Data Center

GuardiCore employs a unique combination of threat deception, process-level visibility, semantics-based analysis and automated responses to engage, investigate and then thwart confirmed attacks with a high-level of accuracy.