Free Segmentation and Visibility for Virtual Desktop Environments

* By Free we mean no-cost. This will help at no expense to you

Business Continuity in Times of Disruption

Many organizations were forced to implement or scale up virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) or Desktop as a Service (DaaS) environments quickly to support sudden work from home needs. For many, the speed of delivery required security compromises. To keep organizations secure through these changes, Guardicore will help any organization protect their VDI environments for free throughout 2020.

Key Challenges in Virtual Apps and Desktops Security

Lack of effective visibility into what VDI users are doing

Lack of control over access from VDI environments to specific applications

Lack of control over communication between VDI instances

This Offer Includes:

Remote deployment of Guardicore Agents across VDI infrastructure

Configuration of SaaS instances

Micro-Segmentation for five applications

Guidance and expert advice

To help organizations manage the security challenges that commonly exist in virtual environments, Guardicore offers protection for VDI environments as a complimentary service to the community throughout 2020.


Secure your VDI and DaaS
with Guardicore to gain: