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Securing Modern Data Centers and Clouds

Due to the complex and dynamic nature of modern data centers, security architectures must be re-evaluated.

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New Strategies for Breach Detection

Today’s dynamic data centers need a new approach to breach detection and response that keeps up with the pace of change.

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How to Do Micro-Segmentation the Right Way

Webinar outlines key considerations for preparing and ensuring your journey to micro-segmentation is successful.

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Protect Your Data Center From Advanced Threats

Webinar outlines how increased visibility and deception technology helps better protect data centers and clouds..

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GuardiCore Centra Security Platform

The GuardiCore Centra Security Platform helps organizations detect, investigate and mitigate data center threats in real-time.

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GuardiCore Reveal Process-level Visibility

Granular visibility and policy definition for application control and micro-segmentation across all data center workloads.

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GuardiCore Solutions for Healthcare

Protect valuable patient information with a combination of deep visibility, breach detection and response.

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Internal Data Center Security for VMware NSX

GuardiCore integrates with VMware NSX to provide real-time detection, analysis and response to breaches in the data center.

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GuardiCore and Nuage Networks VSP

GuardiCore integration with Nuage Networks protects your critical corporate data and assets inside the datacenter.

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GuardiCore Advanced Security for Nutanix

GuardiCore and Nutanix together deliver a simple, scalable and highly secure data center environment.

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GuardiCore and GigaSECURE Data Center Protection

Increase visibility into your data center resulting in faster and more efficient breach detection and response.

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Data Center Security for Docker

GuardiCore provides process-level visibility combined with breach detection and response for “Dockerized” applications.

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GuardiCore and Check Point Joint Threat Response

GuardiCore integrates breach detection technology with Check Point to protect critical assets in the modern data center.

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Cloud Security with GuardiCore and Check Point

GuardiCore Centra and Check Point vSEC protect critical applications and workloads in public and private cloud infrastructures.


Five Key Steps to Successful Micro-segmentation

Infographic presents the main obstacles to micro-segmentation and five key steps to successful deployment.


Stopping Worm Propagation in the Data Center

Demo showing how GuardiCore detects, analyzes and remediates a worm propagating in the data center in real time.


GuardiCore Reveal – 1.5 Minute Challenge

Demo showing how GuardiCore creates microsegmentation policies and integrates with VMware NSX and Check Point vSEC.


RSA Interview with Pavel Gurvich of GuardiCore

GuardiCore CEO Pavel Gurvich discussing real-time breach detection and response at the RSA Conference 2016.


Dave Burton on the Floor at RSA Conference 2016

Trilogy Tech Talk interviews GuardiCore VP of Marketing Dave Burton on the floor at the RSA Conference 2016.

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Breach Detection Spotlight: Reputation Analysis

Reputation analysis adds a valuable early-warning dimension to your breach detection capabilities.

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Breach Detection Spotlight: Dynamic Deception

Deception technology helps security teams to detect the attacker’s methods, motives and even identity.

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Breach Detection Spotlight: Segmentation Policies

Policy-based detection helps security teams more quickly detect and confirm threats to prevent damage and minimize losses.

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Clearing the Path to Micro-Segmentation

A strategy guide for how to avoid pitfalls when implementing micro-segmentation in hybrid clouds.